Senior Project Manager, since 2008. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2003 and obtained a Research Doctorate in “Engineering of Materials and Production” in 2006. Mr. de le Feld has been the Project Coordinator of SMART GROUND (H2020-GA 641988),  IP & Exploitation Manager of SaltGae (H2020-GA 689785) and has successfully managed more than 8 European research projects including the FOODIE project (CIP-ICT-PSP GA 621074), ALGATEC II (FP7- SME GA 315469) and OPTISOLV (ETB-2012-26). He is very skilled in delivering business scenarios and plans for internationalization and fast replication of innovative products and services. In addition to his vast experience as a project partner/manager and as a research advisor in numerous European projects, Mr. de la Feld has several experiences as EU Project trainer and has led several capacity building workshops.

Main tasks

The Project Coordinator (Dr. Marco de la Feld, ENCO) is responsible for the daily running of the project, and for ensuring that the work plan adheres to its schedule, fulfils its objectives, and the project meets the needs and expectations of all the partners. He will be active in steering the evolution of the project by closely monitoring the work performed by each partner. He will assume responsibility for ensuring that the project management procedures are correctly implemented and that all deadlines and obligations are met. He will also act as the communication and administrative interface with the EC, to carry out the reporting and overall administrative management of the project. He will also act as public face for the project e.g. in networking events between EU projects or when the project receives enquiries by external agents like press or policy makers.