The success of SHEALTHY will result in validated consumer-accepted non-thermal technologies combined to enhance food safety and nutritional quality, prevent foodborne illness outbreaks and reduce food waste caused by early spoilage.

The SHEALTHY pioneering system will have high replicability potential, reproducible beyond the project boundaries, improving the competitiveness of micro & SMEs in the European agri-food sector as a whole.

  • Alternative washing and sanitisation solutions to chemical sanitizers.

  • New packaging technologies to preserve product quality.

  • Novel stabilization solution to substitute the thermal pasteurization.

  • Collaborative business models and new logistic systems.


  • The shelf life of minimally processed F&V products increased from 30% to 50%.

  • The natural value increased of 20-30% for MP F&V & of 70-130% for juices/smoothies.

  • The food loss reduced of 40%.

  • 30% of increase of market orientation of F&V SME’s.