Partner Description

ITENE is a market-oriented research center specialized in packaging, transport, and logistics. Located in Valencia (Spain), its mission is to generate scientific and technological knowledge and to add value to companies through the implementation of R+D+I and through the transfer of knowledge.

ITENE provides business solutions with an integrated view of the supply chain, from raw materials to the design and development of packaging, optimization of logistics and distribution of goods until the products reach consumers and are ultimately managed as waste, all within a framework of sustainable performance.

ITENE collaborates with research centers and companies around the world, encouraging cooperation and technology transfer.

The centre was founded in 1994 and currently employs 165 persons. It has a multidisciplinary team of researchers and technicians with proven experience and constantly evolving skills. ITENE uses 3,500 square metres of its installations as laboratories and experimentation facilities, equipped with the latest technology for research and testing activities.

ITENE research area covers:

  • New Advanced Materials (Development strategies to obtain new packaging materials with better properties)
  • Active & Intelligent Packaging (Materials that release active substances from the packaging or absorb undesirable substances from the product to prolong the shelf life)
  • Packaging Technologies (vacuum, modified atmosphere)
  • Packaging Engineering (Transport simulation technologies)
  • Sustainability (Waste valorisation, LCA, LCC, Carbon Footprint)
  • Transport and Logistics (route optimization, distribution modelling, urban mobility)

Electronics, Robotics and Industry 4.0

Main tasks

ITENE will be involved in several tasks in SHEALTHY project. In WP1, ITENE will lead subtask aiming at the optimization of active packaging materials able to extend the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables for longer shelf-life.

In WP3, ITENE will lead task aiming at setting up new value chains, logistics chains and traceability systems. In addition, ITENE will lead subtask aiming at the development of freshness indicator labels for fresh cut fruits that will monitor quality along shelf-life.

In WP4, ITENE will lead the pilot scale trials regarding traceability and logistics in Spain, Italy, Serbia and The Netherlands.

In WP5, ITENE will lead task aiming at the evaluation of the impact of prototypes on food safety and public health.

Finally, ITENE will be WP leader in WP6 aiming at assessing the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the developed processes and products.

ITENE will also contribute in terms of dissemination, exploitation knowledge transfer and training activities in WP7.