Partner Description

DODACO was born in 2013 by the Director of Luigi Coppola, who has a strong expertise in the agri-food sector thanks to the role of Managing Director of the Coppola Spa family. The company was set up in 2013, but only after a period of study and research has become operational. In particular, researchers (biologists and engineers) have been able to highlight some critical points for the modification of existing machinery in order to improve and improve the quality of the product and its nutraceutical characteristics. In 2014, in fact, DODACO has started a study program dedicated to the formulation of nutraceutical products for the elderly in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Fisciano (Italy). This collaboration has allowed us to develop new technologies that have improved the production process by guaranteeing high quality even for more critical products such as vegetables. The DODACO aims to bring innovation to the world of organic and in particular to that one of the products for the infancy, guaranteeing to its clients the cure of each detail from the beginning of the process to the distribution. This requires a fundamental change in the concept of power, supplying transparency and high quality. Since product quality is a key aspect, the company is committed to ensuring high certified standards.

DODACO from 2015 holds the organic certification, the organic control body is ICEA, that’s why over the 90% of the products are from organic raw material, on the quality side the company holds the following certifications: i) BRC; ii) IFS; iii) UNI-ISO 9001-2015; iv) HALAL; v) KOSHER; vi) JAS. All the products obtained are gluten free and suitable for a vegan diet. The company’s ongoing growth, due to the technological innovations recognized by the market, has allowed it to expand more and more, increasing its staff and its productions.

The current market share is about 1% as shown by the company’s turnover ratio to 2015. The reference market is vast and growing, so 1% is a value to increase. This market share is covered by offering high quality products at an average price, by reducing transport costs and the flexibility of a young company.

Main tasks

DODACO will be mainly involved in WP4 for pilot trial activities to demonstrate the combination of non-thermal treatments for washing and sanitization, as well as the application of non-thermal processing to juices and smoothies. DODACO will be also involved in WP3 for the design of the business models tailored to its needs and suitable for the value chain DODACO is part of. In addition, DODACO will have an active role in WP7 for the dissemination and exploitation activities and will be part of the knowledge transfer activities from RTD for its upskilling concerning SHEALTHY novel methodologies and technologies.