Partner Description

CTIC CITA is a technological centre created 18 years ago in response to the food industry’s demand. Over the years, we have been working hand in hand with companies, adapting ourselves to our industrial partners’ needs, to the agri-food industry and to consumer needs, ever-changing.

Our specializations arise from the active learning of the companies and consumer. We are experts in process and product development, and there are three aspects that set us apart:

  1. The technical expertise of our human team: packaging, ingredients, processes, food security and consumer.
  2. Our pilot plants, which allow us to innovate in a variety of food matrices and processes, and
  3. How we team up with the companies for the industrialization of these innovations, with a clear focus: market and consumer uptake.

In brief, we act as a catalyst, accelerating innovation in the industry. We are involved in major initiatives and research projects at international level, and we bring the results closer by connecting the scientific research offer and the demands of the sector. We translate science and make it manageable.

Our work translates into profit for the companies, and reaches consumers home as sensory experiences through seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and feeling.

Main tasks

Ctic Cita will be involved in all the WPs of SHEALTHY by representing the SMEs needs. Its main contribution will be on WP4 coordinating the Demonstration of technologies at a pilot plant scale. During this WP the research done during previous WPs will be proved under “real conditions”. Ctic Cita will apply together with its third parties (ékolo, Soto del Ebro and Huerta) the most promising mild technologies at a pilot scale. At the same time, Ctic Cita will work on WP5 leading the studies on Testing the impact of the combined mild technologies on natural food properties. On this WP, the centre will also work on the studies for consumer perception.  Moreover, Ctic Cita will be involved in WP 7 managing the transfer of the knowledge acquired during the project to the traditional SMEs.