Cold Pressok doo (CP)

Partner Description

Established in 2013. Cold Pressok pioneered cold press technology not only in Serbia but also in a whole region. Our vision is to create a positive change towards eating habits by offering tasty, plant based, nutrition driven products with accesability and functionality as a key factor. We say absolutely NO to additives, preservatives, added sugar, palm oil, dairy, gluten and soy.

In five short years Cold Pressok grew from cold press juice and smoothie brand to THE “grab & go” health food provider in Serbia, offering over 30+ cold press juice & smoothie formulas, vegan, gluten free, all-natural breakfast and lunch options, as well as various healthy snacks on the go. The latest additions to our product portfolio are vegan nut milks, fermented gut shots, ancient seeds granolas and nut butters varieties. We pride ourselves in using only fresh, plant based, non-processed, additives free ingredients to produce nutrition dense products. No stabilizers of any kind, nor heat pasteurization are used as we strive to keep our products raw and natural. We exclusively use HPP technology (High Pressure Processing), as we believe this is the best way of letting the product live longer without affecting health benefits or taste of the product. Another reason for introducing HPP technology is to improve convenience factor to our consumer’s lifestyle – broader and easier accessibility of our offerings.

We developed strong R&D team that is in constant search of new highly nutritious ingredients, recipes and smart technologies that could offer healthy and tasty alternatives to industry driven, processed food and beverages options. Honesty, transparency, integrity and community will always stay at the heart of our brand.

Presently, we operate 3 stores under our brand name and we distribute our products to major Supermarket chains in Serbia, Ahold – Delhaize, Mercator, Aroma, servicing 300+ stores, as well as healthy food stores, fitness, gym and beauty centers. In the last two years we developed three cold press PL in Serbia for Ahold-Delhaize, OMV and Nis Gazprom, and we are on the path of developing it further.

One of our early recognitions was at SIAL Innovation competition in Abu Dhabi in 2015 when our all-natural caffeine free Energy drink was finalist for the most innovative product.

Main tasks

CP will act as demonstrator of an industry-relevant environment for applying different mild technologies (WP4), for the washing of the raw material they use from Serbian farms from already established partnerships and the citrus fruits which are imported from abroad. CP will pilot these non-thermal technologies together with the application of HPP to the processing of their juices and smoothies. In addition, they will participate in the definition of the BMs in WP3.

CP will also play an active role in WP7 acquiring knowledge during knowledge transfer activities and contributing in terms of dissemination and exploitation, communication and replicability activities in WP7.