Partner Description

This is the story of Antonio Amato’s family, passionate farmer and refined connoisseur of the lands and the fruits he cultivated, in certain quantities, on his own, in the 60s, such as San Marzano tomatoes. Mr. Antonio knew extremely well the biological cycle of the tomato and the secrets about its crop, so he decided to give life to the activity of trade of fruit and vegetables to internationalize the uniqueness of the flavours and aromas that sprouted in the sunny countryside of that part of Campania (Agro Sarnese Nocerino, between San Marzano sul Sarno and Pompei) giving rise to “Antonio Amato & figli”. In the 80’s a second company, the “Commerciale Export srl” joyned the first one, to assume the commitment to personally export its products. Over the years the increase in the demand for better products has meant the absorbition of the first by the second one, which gained the major markets of France, Germany and Austria for the professionality and the quality of its production. Today, Antonio’s sons continue to preserve their father’s secrets and cultivate the original cherry tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes, fennel and nectarines. The quality of the product comes from the fact that the raw material is followed from sowing to harvest with all the love and experience that only a centuries-old peasant, family, culture can have. COMEX will follow the market demand and the impact on the innovation processes of agri-food products to support the full satisfaction of the needs of the customers.

Main tasks

COMEX will be mainly involved in WP4 to demonstrate at a pilot scale level the combination of non-thermal treatments for the washing and sanitization of both fresh nectarine and fennel. Moreover, the results for dipping in bioactive coating and optimization of active packaging material will be implemented to improve their safety and preserve their nutritive and organoleptic properties. As organic producers, this step is especially important, since the use of chemicals on organic products is banned. COMEX will also participate in the design of the business model lead by WUR. Additionally COMEX will be involved in the knowledge transfer activities in WP7 as well as in the communication and exploitation actions.