Azienda Agricola Bruno Sodano (AGRISOD)

Partner Description

For over a century and a half the Sodano family has cultivated five hectares of land in Pomigliano d’Arco (South of Italy, Campania Region), working with passion in the sector, generation after generation. The family gave life to the AGRISOD, whose production boasts three Slow Food presences. The purpose of the company is to grow local products, favoring some ecotypes of vegetables of great value now almost disappeared. In the hectares of farmland, there are many typical local and regional vegetable products. Among the Naples Campania excellences proposed and cultivated by the company you can find the S. Marzano tomato, the Neapolitan long pumpkin, the cannellino bean, the formella bean, the red bean of Suessola, the Neapolitan aubergines, the Baracca and Ceccone apricots and the walnuts of Sorrento. They are all local products and varieties that the company wants to enhance and make known. Bruno, the owner, alternates productions and has also focused on the yellow cherry tomato, which goes well with fish and black tigrato tomatoes, with high antioxidant properties.

The main services of the farm are the production and cultivation of typical products of the territory and of Naples excellence. The sale and distribution of these products are aimed at small shops that sell traditional products and restaurants, which want to offer customers healthy and wholesome products, to create dishes with authentic and traditional flavor of the region.

The agricultural SME joins the Slow Food community of Neapolitan farmers Associations, which brings together a small number of producers committed to recovering, with a model of sustainable agriculture, Naples excellence and the ecotypes of vegetables of great value in the region, which would otherwise be destined to disappear. AGRISOD Participates in various events in which the Naples excellence of Campania and the typical products of the territory are involved. One of the events in which the company participates is “Le vie dei principidi”, an event that offers consumers direct contact with the producer, during which, in addition to the explanation of the products and methods of cultivation, it is given to the participants the opportunity to taste the proposed products and to buy them directly from the farmer. This micro enterprise also participates in a series of Slow Food events and meetings with schools to explain the methods of cultivation, with small workshops for primary and secondary schools

Main tasks

AGRISOD will be mainly involved in WP4 to demonstrate the mild technologies studied in WP1 for washing F&V at a Pilot Scale. For the next steps of the production process, dipping in bioactive coating and active packaging will be considered. AGRISOD will also participate in the design of the business model lead by WUR. Additionally AGRISOD will be involved in the knowledge transfer activities in WP7 as well as in the communication and exploitation actions. AGRISOD and its membership in Slow Food National Council and Campania Farmers Network of the Region of Campania will be crucial for the Replicability activities in WP7, to maximise the impact of the projects results among other farmers at local, regional and national level.