EFFoST 2021 – Save the date


The 35th EFFoST International Conference: Healthy Individuals, Resilient Communities, and Global Food Security  will be held in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland from 1-4 November 2021.   Every year, the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) organizes this prestigious academic food science and technology conference where, world-renowned researchers, scientists, policy makers, professionals and students from multi-disciplinary food-related [...]

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European Researchers ‘Night 2021


Last September 24th, the European Researchers’ Night 2021 took place in 29 countries. An event which “displays the diversity of science and its impact on citizens ‘daily lives in fun, inspiring ways”. With events like this, they aim to bring research and researchers closer to the public, promote research projects across Europe and beyond, increase the [...]

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Interview with Dr. Geoffrey Hagelaar


Dr. Geoffrey Hagelaar is a professor at the Wageningen University and leader of the “Definition of business models and novel sustainable logistics systems tailored to SMEs” work package (WP). What is the main role of your organization in this project? Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has two roles in this project. One of them is the [...]

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European Researchers’ Night 2021 – People meet science


The 2021 European Research night is the only event, the only night, where it is possible to bring together the academic and scientific world with the general public. SHEALTHY will be there. On 24 of September, University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) team, led by the scientific coordinator Prof. Elena Torrieri, will present SHEALTHY during the [...]

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SHEALTHY Project at the Food 4 Future World Summit 2021!


From the 15th to the 17th of June, the SHEALTHY Project participated in the Food 4 Future World Summit that took place in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. We spent three amazing days talking with lots of people and explaining what SHEALTHY is, obtaining great feedback. People were very interested and curious so we can say it was pretty [...]

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Juices and smoothies’ start-up success case


Innocent Drinks Success Richard, Adam and Tom were three college friends that in 1998, decided to stop talking about starting a business and started one. After working with fruits and smoothy recipes for a few months, the trio sold their drinks from a stall at a music festival in London. To see if people liked them [...]

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Interview with María Díaz Navarro


María Díaz Navarro is the Communication strategy leader. She realesed an interview discussing some issues related to SHEALTHY. What is the role of your organization in this project? Cluster Food+i is participating in the SHEALTHY Project as leader of the Task related to the Communication Strategy, with the responsibility of developing action plans for the communication [...]

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Sharing knowledge and expertise for maximising project results On June 22, SHEALTHY will be presented during in the General Annual Meeting of FOX project, coordinated by the German Institute of Food Technologies. This is an important occasion to spread SHEALTHY knowledge beyond our consortium boundaries, making the cooperation  among european H2020 projects a perfect way to boost [...]

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EU Green Week Partner Event – Webinar video


DID YOU MISS OUR PARTNER EVENT? You can watch the entire webinar playing the video below During the webinar, we discussed our work to produce fresher, safer and more sustainable food products, and how to build the way towards fresher, healthier, safer and more sustainable food The webinar was held in the frame of the EU [...]

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SHEALTHY  has been presented during the first day of the Smart Agrifood Industry Expo. Marco de la Feld, project coordinator, and Elena Torrieri, Scientific & Technical Coordinator, have discussed about our non-thermal processing technologies to destroy foodborne pathogens without affecting the freshness, nutritional and sensorial features of the food product. In addition, it has been discussed [...]

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