SHEALTHY at Food4Future


On May 17 2022, SHEALTHY project has been presented at Food4Future. Food4Future is the platform for every food sector professional who wants to be updated about last food processing technologies tendencies, innovation in healthy food products and sustainable and efficient production. Cluster Food+I has presented SHEALTHY project in front of every shareholder/stakeholder of F&V sector talking [...]

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Factors affecting consumer choice of novel non-thermally processed fruit and vegetables products: Evidence from a 4-country study in Europe. Fruit and vegetables (F&V) are key elements of a healthy and balanced diet providing humans with essential nutrients and bioactive compound. Increased consumer interest in health and sensory aspects of foods (e.g., freshness, naturalness, and nutritional value) [...]


Interview with Dr. Óscar Rodrìguez


Interview with Dr. ÓSCAR RODRÍGUEZ, Senior Research Scientist in IRIS Technology Solutions and leader of the “Combination and Optimization of non-thermal mild processing at lab scale” work package. What is the main role of your organization in this project? IRIS is a Deep-Tech Engineering company specialized in Real Time Monitoring and Industrial Artificial Intelligence Solutions for [...]

Interview with Dr. Óscar Rodrìguez2022-04-27T14:35:45+02:00

#Food4Future FOOD 4 FUTURE World Summit


SHEALTHY is going to Food for Future World Summit! Bilbao (Spain) will host Food 4 Future World Summit, the place to be for any professional in the food industry and its value chain, where you can acquire the latest and most promising food technology applications, robotics and automation, data technology, or processing techniques. From May 17th [...]

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SHEALTHY event at the EU Green Week- Webinar


On June 1st , SHEALTHY will take part to the EU Partner Event, under the umbrella of the EU Green Week. This year's edition focuses on the European Green Deal - the EU’s sustainable and transformative growth strategy for a resource-efficient and climate-neutral Europe by 2050. The aim of the Partner Events is contributing to the [...]

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From 21 to 23 March 2022, SHEALTHY was at the IFE: International food and drink in London. Companies from more then 100 countries present the product. This year there was a special attention to healthy, no preservatives , plant based products where Cold Pressok is strong with offerings. More then 30.000 professionals come together with around [...]

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New SYNERGY – FoodSafety4EU


On 1st April, SHEALTHY has been started a collaboration with FoodSafety4EU. FoodSafety4EU  is a collaborative action to support the European Commission (EC) in shaping the Food Safety System of the future. During 3 years, the project will deliver solutions to support the EC in its endeavor in aligning research, policy and innovation with the societal needs [...]

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SHEALTHY at GECO – Virtual Fair on March 3, 2022


SHEALTHY project has been presented during GECO - virtual fair on March 3. Simona Mincione, as part of the project coordination team, has participated in the virtual table entitled “Technology and digital at the service of agribusiness”. She has shown the results and impacts of the project. Here you can find the videoclip recorded of the event. [...]

SHEALTHY at GECO – Virtual Fair on March 3, 20222022-03-22T10:22:11+01:00

SHEALTHY at GECO – Virtual Fair on March 3, 2022


SHEALTHY project results will be presented at GECO - Virtual Fair on March 3, 2022. GECO aims to create an increasingly attentive green community. Simona Mincione, as part of the project coordination team, has been invited to participate in the virtual table entitled “Technology and digital at the service of agribusiness”. The conference will be broadcast [...]

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The 3rd Focus Groups with Danish consumers was held online on January 26th 2022. Two separate groups of consumers were interviewed. The first group was composed by people aged 18-35 years and the second group by people aged 45-60 years. Both groups were dynamic, and all had speaking time and contributed passionately to all the discussions. [...]

3RD FOCUS GROUP – DANISH CONSUMERS2022-02-01T15:12:50+01:00
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