Are you interested in the challenges related to health and sustainability? Do you know what exactly personalised nutrition is? Do you want to know how mild processing technologies affect Fruits & Vegetables products and which are consumers needs and demands towards these techniques?   The current food system is out of balance, and both obesity and [...]

FOOD FOR HEALTH SUMMIT – 4th Webinar2023-03-06T13:13:53+01:00



FOOD PROCESSING SUMMIT II   Are you interested in non-thermal processing techniques for fruits and vegetables? Do you want to learn more about innovations in the field of processed fruits and vegetables?   Participate in the second Food Processing Summit of the SHEALTHY Project, co-organized with the Flemish Flanders' FOOD Cluster, which will take place online next January 30th. [...]


CTIC CITA presented SHEALTHY at the V Canary Islands Veterinary Congress on Food Safety, 25-26 November 2022


"New sanitation strategies in the preservation and stabilisation of minimally processed fruit and vegetables". Laura Navarro León Food Technology Centre Ctic Cita, Alesón. La Rioja   Given the demand for high quality fruit and vegetables, an increase in consumer safety awareness and a growing social concern for reducing food waste, it is essential to evaluate and [...]

CTIC CITA presented SHEALTHY at the V Canary Islands Veterinary Congress on Food Safety, 25-26 November 20222022-12-15T12:28:53+01:00



Dr Loïc de Carvalho from Abertay University will attend the 36th EFFoST International Conference 2022 from 7-9 November at Dublin, Ireland. He will deliver an oral presentation on the 7th November at 14:45 titled  “Recovery of bioactive compounds from fruit juice waste streams by industrial Ultrasound Assisted Extraction” and also present a poster on same subject [...]

SHEALTHY AT EFFOST 20222022-11-04T16:13:20+01:00



Packaging plays a key role in slowing quality decay. That is why it contributes significantly to the safe delivery and preservation of food. However, complete elimination of the quality loss is not possible. Intrinsic properties of highly perishable foods change after being processed. This can lead to an increase in quality (e.g., the ripening of fruits [...]


Interview with Maria Monedero


In this edition of #ShealthyPeople, we talked with Dr. María Monedero, Project Manager at ITENE and leader of environmental, economic, and social sustainability assessment of the developed processes in SHEALTHY. Tell us about ITENE. What is your know-how and what services do you provide? The ITENE research center provides companies with cutting-edge knowledge and technology to [...]

Interview with Maria Monedero2022-11-04T11:34:24+01:00

Shealthy: sensory and consumer study on HP fruit juice


The 11th International Conference on High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology (HPBB2022) will be held 5 July - 8 July 2022 at the University of Copenhagen. Two of our SHEALTHY colleagues from UCPH and SDU, Qiushuang Song and Ashwitha Amin, will present their work from SHEALTHY. In addition, there will be many other interesting keynote talks and [...]

Shealthy: sensory and consumer study on HP fruit juice2022-06-16T09:31:31+02:00



From 31 May to 1 June, SHEALTHY was at the PLMA in Amsterdam. PLMA is the largest Private label food show in Europe, where retail stores , supermarket chains and etc. come together to develop new products that suppler would produce under retail trade mark. The focus was on vegan, gluten free, low sugar products . [...]

SHEALTHY at PLMA2022-06-16T09:42:56+02:00

SHEALTHY at Festival of the New European Bauhaus


SHEALTHY has participated at Festival of the New European Bauhaus in online mode from 9th to 12th of June. The Festival has brought together citizens from all walks of life to debate and shape our future landscape. It was an opportunity to explore the New European Bauhaus values of beauty, sustainability and togetherness, and their power [...]

SHEALTHY at Festival of the New European Bauhaus2022-06-14T12:12:34+02:00

SHEALTHY at Festival of the New European Bauhaus


The Festival of the New European Bauhaus is taking place from the 9th to the 12th of June as a hybrid event—in Brussels and online. It aims to bring people from across Europe to debate and discuss how to build a more sustainable, beautiful, and inclusive world. In order to do so, the Festival will foster synergies between [...]

SHEALTHY at Festival of the New European Bauhaus2022-06-09T11:13:44+02:00
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