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FOOD 4 FUTURE World Summit


SHEALTHY is going to Food for Future World Summit! Bilbao (Spain) will host Food 4 Future World Summit, the most innovative event to transform the food and beverage industry through new technologies, solutions and automation systems. From June 15th to 17th 2021, Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) will gather professionals from the entire value chain of the food industry to showcase the latest [...]

FOOD 4 FUTURE World Summit2021-05-10T10:53:30+02:00



Are you a food company? Do you want to be up to date on new processing technologies that are impacting the industry? New consumer demands are changing at a rapid pace. Today's consumers search for fresh, healthy, convenient, sustainable locally produced and additive-free food. The food industry is now facing a great challenge to adapt its [...]

FOOD PROCESSING SUMMIT2021-05-06T12:33:05+02:00



Innovation that apply to the entire agri food value chain. On May 25 at 4.10 p.m., SHEALTHY will be presented at the Smart Agrifood Industries. The event will show different types of innovation that apply to the entire value chain in a transversal way: from raw materials, through the processing industry, to food packaging and distribution. [...]

SMART AGRIFOOD INDUSTRIES2021-04-30T14:53:29+02:00

SHEALTHY event at the EU Green Week


HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS?? On May 19, SHEALTHY will take part to the EU Partner Event, under the umbrella of the EU Green Week. This year the EU Green Week is focused on the " Zero Pollution Ambition", to ensure better monitoring, and to prevent and remedy pollution from air water soil and consumer products. [...]

SHEALTHY event at the EU Green Week2021-04-30T17:07:51+02:00



The agroo-food value chain is highly fragmentated. This is why in SHEALTHY we are analysing the crucial stage, namely, logistics. ITENE is analysing the main factors that  may hinder or boost the activities related to the different logistics and transport processes, within agri-food value chain. This survey will steer this project's activity toward the definition and [...]

SURVEY LOGISTICS2021-04-29T10:18:34+02:00

Dialogue for the future of food systems in the Mediterranean


ENCO will represent SHELTHY consortium during the  inclusive discussion on future pathways for sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean. Relying on consolidated scientific evidence, this event will be the opportunity to shed the light on some dynamics of the Mediterranean food systems. Read more here.       

Dialogue for the future of food systems in the Mediterranean2021-04-23T14:45:18+02:00



Dissemination activities are crucial to spread the results of our project, and that's why, once the European Commission approves our public deliverables, we make them available for all the audience. If you want to know more about how we identify the targeted audience, and which are the key message and channels to properly reach them, have [...]

The SHEALTHY PUBLIC DELIVERABLES are ONLINE!2021-05-13T10:32:29+02:00

A new interesting article from Abertay University


Abertay University has published an interesting article about the ultrasound technology used to improve shelf-life of fresh fruit and vegetables. The ultrasound machine has been procured by the University as part of the SHEALTHY project and it’s believed to be the first device of its kind in Scotland. Read the interview of Dr. Adilia Lemos here.

A new interesting article from Abertay University2021-04-21T14:05:15+02:00

New trends that we can expect in the food sector


In any sector, trends are fully aligned with society context and movements and, in this case, the food sector future trends are completely influenced by COVID-19 crisis. To start, food delivery is already a trend that people have adopted as a sheer of necessity, and it will become a regular habit in 2021. Restaurant chains [...]

New trends that we can expect in the food sector2021-03-02T16:33:51+01:00

Interview with Macarena Baylos, SHEALTHY Innovation Manager


Interview with SHEALTHY Innovation Manager, Ms. Macarena Baylos, Higher Agriculture Engineer and Head of International Business Unit at Ctic Cita. What aspects do you consider when designing Business Models (BMs) Prototypes? Could you please explain the ultimate objective of developing SHEALTHY’s Novel BMs? In SHEALTHY, collaborative and holistic BMs will be designed. We will combine [...]

Interview with Macarena Baylos, SHEALTHY Innovation Manager2021-03-02T16:15:50+01:00
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