On 1st April, SHEALTHY has been started a collaboration with FoodSafety4EU.

FoodSafety4EU  is a collaborative action to support the European Commission (EC) in shaping the Food Safety System of the future. During 3 years, the project will deliver solutions to support the EC in its endeavor in aligning research, policy and innovation with the societal needs and perspectives and improving food safety across Europe. We are designing, developing, and releasing a multi-stakeholder platform and innovative digital tools to help citizens, scientists, companies, EC, EFSA, and Food Safety Authorities co-design and shape together the future Food Safety System in Europe.

Involvement, participation, sharing tools and ideas are the basis of our action! Starting from a pool of 23 partners from 12 EU Member States and Associated countries, we are opening our network to the most relevant voices from civil society, consumers, companies, young actors and feeding the platform with outstanding contributions!


For more information check out the project website: https://foodsafety4.eu/