The SHEALTHY M30 General Assembly was held online on 19th and 20th January. Recently, a 6-month extension to the project has been approved by the EC and the Consortium put on the table key elements to be discussed.
Preparatory technical and business-related WPs are now closed and delivered crucial results! Now it’s time for the piloting take off.
Pilots will deal with downscaling processing technologies tailored towards the needs of food SMEs, the specificities of F&V products and markets and supply chains in a relevant industrial environment.
We will run pilot trials in Spain, Italy, Serbia, Belgium and Germany.

Pilot scale trials in Spain:

  • SOTO for healthy and nutritional minimally processed pears treated with EW and PAW.

  • EKOLO for US and/or HPP to applied to juices & smoothies.

  • HUERTA for minimally processed salads treated with US, EW and PAW.

Pilot scale trials in Italy:

  • COMEX for washing and sanitization of fennels with US, PAW and EW; and active packaging.

  • DODACO for smoothies’ stabilization with HPP.

  • AGRISOD for cherry tomatoes and coating application with a combination of PAW and EW; including active packaging.

Pilot scale trials in Serbia:

  • CP for juices and smoothies using HPP and US for stabilization and EW and/or PAW for sanitation purposes of F&V salads.

Pilot scale trials in Belgium:

  • BBEPP for sustainable extraction of bioactive compound from co-products and post-harvest rejects like orange peel, olive leaf and avocado peel.

Pilot scale trials in Germany:

  • WERDER FRUCT for washing and sanitization of apples with US and PAW with bioactive coating.

  • HAVITA GmbH for salads treated with US and PAW.

  • SPREEWALDHOF for application of plasma, HP and US for juice and smoothie processing.

Stay tuned to learn more about the next steps of piloting with SMEs!