On 1st December, SHEALTHY has been started a collaboration with SUREFISH.

The main goal of SUREFISH is to valorise traditional Mediterranean fish by fostering the supply-chain innovation and consumer confidence on Mediterranean fish products through deploying innovative solutions to achieve unequivocal traceability and confirming their authenticity, thus preventing frauds.

The SUREFISH project will implement and demonstrate a global solution to assure fish authentication and reduce fraud. The solution is based on RFID, Blockchain, TTI and tamper-proof technologies developed within the supply chain of four fish species. Thus, four pilot use cases are foreseen in i) Tunisia (lighthouse pilot); ii) Egypt; iii) Lebanon; iv) Spain (followers) on different fish species: i) fresh and marinated anchovies; ii) farmed fresh tilapia filets; iii) fresh groupers; iv) Bluefin Tuna.

In addition, SUREFISH will harmonize and validate analytical methods to ensure fish authenticity with the aim to increase consumer confidence of Mediterranean fish. In particular, consumers will be provided with a mobile APP to provide information on traceability and authenticity, linked to the Blockchain platform.

The SUREFISH project will also get in touch with relevant infrastructures and pre-existing databases in order to optimize their use and assure interoperability.

The activities performed in the project will span from the validation/demonstration in an operational environment (TRL5-6) to system complete and qualified in operational environment (TRL8).

For more information check out the project website:

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