After the positive and successful experience of the 2 focus groups with consumers conducted in 6 partners’ countries (Italy, Spain, Denmark, Netherland, Germany and Serbia), focused on their perception and expectations towards mildly processed Fruits and Vegetables, the Shealthy project is going to organize an online Focus Group, on 18th and 19th November, with Spanish consumers specifically focused this time on how communicate to consumers. During the focus group, some main concerns and issues raised by consumers – such as the lack of trustworthy or lack of knowledge about the technological innovation on food and/or the right and proper storage of F&V at home, are going to be hopefully “solved” by finding together with consumers the best way to be addressed and informed so as to change their unsustainable behaviours.

The final goal of the 3rd focus group is to assess the best communication tactics so as to ensure Shealthy technologies reach the market efficiently and with a high success rate among consumers.

The other 5 online Focus groups with consumers in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Netherland and Serbia, are going to be organized within December 2021.