María Díaz Navarro is the Communication strategy leader. She realesed an interview discussing some issues related to SHEALTHY.

What is the role of your organization in this project?

Cluster Food+i is participating in the SHEALTHY Project as leader of the Task related to the Communication Strategy, with the responsibility of developing action plans for the communication activities. Also, we are involved in the creation and development of new Business Models.

Could you tell us more about those Business Models?

Yes. The problem is that the novel technologies adopted for the Project have very high costs for the SMEs. So, we are studying and creating new business models based in a collaborative approach between entities to help small and medium-sized companies.

What benefits does SHEALTHY bring to the society?

Nowadays, the number of people that pay attention to healthy food atributes has increased a lot and consumers are demanding less processed food with less thermal technologies.

SHEALTHY Project aims to develop an optimal combination of non-thermal technologies, preserving the nutritional quality and prolonging the shelf-life of fresh and minimally processed Fruits and Vegetables products, which is exactly what people want.

Tell us one of the communication challenges that the SHEALTHY Project is facing.

I would say that the biggest challenge is to communicate the Project to the audience in a way that is easy for them to understand. This Project has complex terminology and concepts, and we have to take care of how we explain everything since not everyone is familiar with thermal and non-thermal technologies, so we try to make it as simply as possible. Only in such a way we are able to catch more people’s attention.