You can watch the entire webinar playing the video below

During the webinar, we discussed our work to produce fresher, safer and more sustainable food products, and how to build the way towards fresher, healthier, safer and more sustainable food

The webinar was held in the frame of the EU Green Week, with the 2021 topic “Zero Pollution ambition”


Below you can also download all the presentations shown during the webinar

1 – Intro 

2 – Photonic technologies for healthier food and less food waste

3 – Ultrasound assisted decontamination of fresh Fruits & Vegetables

4 – Non alcoholic beverage dyes Analytical approach for their determination

5 – An integrated process based on no thermal technologies for the extraction of bioactive compounds from agrofood residues

6 – Bioactive coating to preserve the freshness of minimally processed fruits and vegetable

7 – Electrolyzed water for safer and fresher fruits and vegetables