On May 26th, SHEALTHY’s partners will hold webinar ” Towards fresher, safer, healthier, and more sustainable foods”.

This event will be part of the EU Green week, Partner Event, and it will be the occasion to present SHEALTHY’s unique solution: non-thermal technologies with minimally processing operation; thanks to which we will be able to respond to consumers’ demand for fresh, healthy, convenient, sustainable and locally produced and additive-free food.

Don’t miss the chance to get to know what we are working on to produce fresher, safer and more sustainable food products, and join the discussion on how to build the way towards fresher, healthier, safer and more sustainable food.

Many interesting and different topics will be discussed during the webinar, the photonics technologies for healthier food and less food waste, the less polluting technology such as the ultrasound-assisted decontamination of fresh Fruits and Vegetables, etc. Read the full agenda.

Join our webinar clicking on the registration link.