On May 19, SHEALTHY will take part to the EU Partner Event, under the umbrella of the EU Green Week.

This year the EU Green Week is focused on the ” Zero Pollution Ambition”, to ensure better monitoring, and to prevent and remedy pollution from air water soil and consumer products.

The aim of the Partner Events is contributing to the public debate and demonstrate the high level of public interest in the issues related to Zero Pollution.

The event will begin with ENCO introducing SHEALTHY to the audience presenting the objectives and outcomes in the long run.

University of Souther Denmark will discuss the consumers’ expectations and perception of non-thermally processed fruit and vegetables.

IRIS will present the combined and optimised mild technologies toward less pollution.

Wageningen University will show the new methods of collaborative agrifood ecosystem for traditional, local and rural SMEs around EU.

Q&A for the audience will be the final part of the event.

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