In any sector, trends are fully aligned with society context and movements and, in this case, the food sector future trends are completely influenced by COVID-19 crisis.

To start, food delivery is already a trend that people have adopted as a sheer of necessity, and it will become a regular habit in 2021. Restaurant chains that had the foresight to offer delivery options and contactless pick-up prior to the onset of the pandemic have an upper hand.

Related to the food delivery trend is a surge in meal kits. The pandemic helped the market for “meals in a box” rebound when millions of citizens found themselves under stay-at-home orders with more time on their hands to prepare meals. These ‘cooking solutions’ will increase their sales at least as long as the COVID-19 restrictions are maintained!

Consumers’ willingness of knowing the origin of the food products that they eat is now turn into an increasing demand of transparency, traceability and Sustainable Food Options. This means the term ‘clean label’ has gone from meaning transparency about being organic and additive-free to also showing how sustainable and humane a product and the company are!

But not only do consumers want to know where their food comes from; they also want to know its impact on the environment and whether it contributes to climate change. Foods that help minimize waste are also on trend, including using warped fruits and vegetables that aren’t Instagram-worthy in appearance. Quality, taste and environment matter!

Also related with the Coronavirus effects, consumers are looking for ingredients that boost, enhance and protect their immune system, fighting against currently predominant illnesses, such us stress, anxiety, which have worsened due to the pandemic crisis… In line with this, a 2021 trend will be reducing sodium and sugar from our meals and food products!

To finish, plant-based has gone mainstream which is driving its rapid expansion in more market categories. Among the questionable and sensational food trend predictions for 2021 is a high-protein alternative to meat: insects! Do you see yourself following these trends?

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