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Towards healthier Processed Food


The food industry is evolving rapidly. Healthy diet is a trend that has been a fundamental driver of change in food and beverages field worldwide. This trend it is not only expected to continue steadily but also to be the major engine for growth in the near future. Fruit and vegetables are key elements of [...]

Towards healthier Processed Food2020-01-27T12:07:13+01:00

Interview with Marco de la Feld, SHEALTHY Project Coordinator


The SHEALTHY Project it is a EU-funded project by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme that began last May, seven months ago.  Marco de la Feld, the Project coordinator, talks about the past, present and future for SHEALTHY. Where does the idea of SHEALTHY come from? What’s the reason behind this project? Consumer preferences have [...]

Interview with Marco de la Feld, SHEALTHY Project Coordinator2020-01-27T11:45:43+01:00