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SMEs Survey


SHEALTHY Project aims to assess and develop an optimal combination of non-thermal sanitization, preservation and stabilization methods to improve the safety while preserving the nutritional and organoleptic quality and prolonging the shelf-life of fresh and minimally processed F&V products. By combining and modulating non-thermal technologies with minimally processing operations, SHEALTHY will respond to consumers’ demand [...]

SMEs Survey2020-10-27T16:35:47+01:00

New Processing Technologies


Nowadays, consumers are increasingly worried about their nutrition and health, and demand for fresh and healthy food products from companies, which besides are expected to be eco-friendly. In particular, consumers are concerned about how conventional stabilization techniques traditionally employed for food preservation can be detrimental to the nutritional quality of foods. In this context, SHEALTHY [...]

New Processing Technologies2020-10-08T14:31:44+02:00

Interview with Elena Torrieri


In this edition of #ShealthyPeople, we talk with our Project Scientific & Technical Coordinator, Mrs. Elena Torrieri. Elena is Associate Professor in Food Science and Technology at the Department of Agricultural Science of the University of Naples Federico II. How will SHEALTHY project be able to meet consumers’ needs, expectations and demands? Consumers have been [...]

Interview with Elena Torrieri2020-09-25T14:40:03+02:00

SHEALTHY at EbroTech 2020 event


Today SHEALTHY Project was presented in the EbroTech 2020 event, the 1st innovation network meeting held by Cluster FOOD+i in the Agri-food city of Tudela (Spain). Ebrotech is an ambitious initiative that aims to bring out the technological capacity of the Ebro Valley (Spain) and, in particular, of the technological partners of the Cluster. In the workshop, [...]

SHEALTHY at EbroTech 2020 event2020-09-25T14:09:24+02:00

III SHEALTHY Consortium Meeting


The 3rd SHEALTHY Consortium Meeting took place virtually, due to the Coronavirus crisis. During the 2-day-meeting, where all partners were present, the working groups presented their first results, exchanged ideas, and came together to discuss the activities of the next 6-month period. We took a step forward in our project despite the complex situation and it [...]

III SHEALTHY Consortium Meeting2020-09-25T12:56:12+02:00

Towards healthier Processed Food


The food industry is evolving rapidly. Healthy diet is a trend that has been a fundamental driver of change in food and beverages field worldwide. This trend it is not only expected to continue steadily but also to be the major engine for growth in the near future. Fruit and vegetables are key elements of [...]

Towards healthier Processed Food2020-01-27T12:07:13+01:00

Interview with Marco de la Feld, SHEALTHY Project Coordinator


The SHEALTHY Project it is a EU-funded project by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme that began last May, seven months ago.  Marco de la Feld, the Project coordinator, talks about the past, present and future for SHEALTHY. Where does the idea of SHEALTHY come from? What’s the reason behind this project? Consumer preferences have [...]

Interview with Marco de la Feld, SHEALTHY Project Coordinator2020-01-27T11:45:43+01:00



The second SHEALTHY general assembly took place 20th and 21st November in Castelldefels, Spain. All partners were present during this two-day  meeting. It was a very interesting and fruitful sessions where partners made a follow-up of the activities carried out during th first 6 months of the project where the next steps to be followed were [...]

II CONSORTIUM MEETING2020-01-23T17:04:47+01:00



On 4th October, the second edition of the EIT INNOVATION FORUM took place in Bilbao, Spain. The aim of this forum was to share knowledge, stimulate collaboration and get further insight on the hottest topics from the agri-food sector. Among the current topic discussed were healthy nutrition trends, how to improve food processing in order to [...]

EIT INNOVATION FORUM BILBAO2020-01-24T17:07:34+01:00